The Freedom of Lutheranism

Honestly I don't know why I didn't become Lutheran much earlier, because when i was reformed and evangelical i always knew something didn't match with my experience. I always knew i wasn't living the "victorious Christian life" or "making progress" in my sanctification. I reverberated from self-righteousness, to self-loathing, to self-righteousness, to self-loathing, time and time again. I knew something wasn't right. I wondered why it was that God's commandments seemed burdensome, even though they were not supposed to be.

Now, as a Lutheran, I can truly say "O how love I Thy Law!" Now I can truly say God's commandments are not burdensome, because I am completely free and passive in my status before God in Christ my Savior. He continually is gracious to me and continually forgives me, and meets my weak faith with His gracious Sacraments to comfort me. He gives me His minister to declare gracious Words to me, that I am forgiven. And when I don't feel it, my pastor and priest declares it to me again.

No more looking inside. The Gospel is delivered outside of me, where Jesus promises to be. In His Word and in His Sacraments.

Not in striving.

Not in emotions or feelings.

Not in creation.

Not in experiences.

This is true freedom.

My sins are forgiven.