I am to the point where I have little patience, if any, for other branches of Christianity besides Lutheranism. And this not in a "cage stage" sort of way. (I converted to Lutheranism almost two years ago.)

Instead, I am to this point because the more I grow in my Lutheranism, and in being so thankful for the pure Gospel found within Lutheranism, the more I see how *every single other branch* in some way, form, or fashion, turns a person within themselves, toward their own efforts. I absolutely abhor this. It is absolutely dangerous pastorally and practically speaking.

Even those branches that have the full Sacraments--such as Rome, the East, and some Anglicans--even they end up turning the Sacraments into law, and turn them into our efforts toward God. To me, this is no different than the other branches which focus on "what am I doing for God?"

Anyhoo, that's the point I am at. Honestly, I think it is a *good* point to be at. Why? Because it makes me impatient toward anything that obscures the Gospel.

This sinner needs the pure, unadulterated, 200-proof Gospel of God's declaration external and outside of me, delivered in Words spoken and Sacraments given as Gifts.

This sinner needs Lutheranism, and Lutheranism alone.

God coming down to me.

God speaking objective, gracious Words to me.

God giving objective, gracious Sacraments to me.

God continually forgiving my sins.

Thank You Jesus!


  1. Amen Josh, amen. I had a very similar journey. Often I grow tired of being "ecumenical" on the matter and pretending they hold much if any Gospel at all when we all know they dont. Luther points out pount blank that the communication of attributes is not just a side explanatory doctrine but the very expression of the incarnation, and to deny it while maintaining a doctrine of the two natures is at the end of the day just an empty manner of speaking and nothing, absolutely NOTHING whatsoever else.

    In a sense it is so painfully obvious how the sects like the baptist and reformed deny Christ and hence the Gospel.

    It is what it is really.

  2. Yes, the genus of majesty is not just an academic or high-minded doctrine. Like everything else in Lutheranism, it is pure Gospel. Amen!